Monday, April 12, 2010

Challenge and Risk

Why do humans enjoy doing risky activities? Basically, humans like challenges. We see in many TV programs, particularly programs that offer high risk challenges, they gain more and more popularity on these days. Study finds that doing high risk activity with unpredictable risk offers more pleasure and excitement at the time you can overcome the challenge. It provides unique satisfaction, that's why more high-risk activities gain so much attention lately.

People risk their life dealing with some high risk sports activities, deep-sea diving to the limit of the ability of human body organs, off road driving, or in the easiest form that we can find in our daily activity is online gambling such as Casino gambling, gambling means taking risk. This is one of many reasons why many people like to gamble, they want to beat the risk.

We make decisions, every decision has its own risks and this is the uniqueness of human beings that are not owned by other living beings. Challenge and risk make human struggle continues, and this was also the reason behind many positive findings. Since people deal with challenge and risk every day, no wonder that games and activities with promising rewards have become major attractions these days, it is just like dealing with your own risk but now with rewards. Want to pump your adrenalin? You’re your challenge and risk!

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