Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson funeral breaks all records in the network

Michael Jackson funeral

The world is mourning, and took farewell of Michael Jackson - especially in the network. They had feared, the Web could be under the onslaught of Jacko fans einknicken - it groans, but is considered standard, however, yesterday's funeral service in Los Angeles as the probable meistgeklickte Web event in the history of the Internet entries.

Not only the popular social network had applied for the Memorial to cope with live streams, and with collaborations with the great American television Networks such as Facebook with CNN, Ustream with CBS. A mass of websites over the event live, so that in addition to millions of viewers worldwide network community farewell celebration for the pop-idol versammelte.Zahlen the Web analytics company Omniture According to CNN just in time 12:00 to 16:00 clock 18.8 million Web users and 72 million page views are counted. 8.9 million live video streams will have been retrieved.

The bandwidth provider Akamai counted up to 3.9 million Web users per minute at the start of the funeral service. And on the world's largest social network Facebook has been up to 6,000 messages delivered by the minute.

Ever since the first news about the death of the pop idol, the Internet is the focal point for fans from all over the world. Since this week is, inter alia, the Facebook profile of the "King of Pop" the most popular side of the 240-million-user network.

How many viewers the mourning ceremony in front of the TV's, is not entirely clear, media analysts, however, that the ceremony in LA, the most extensive TV coverage of all times was - over a billion people around the world to the Memorial in Los Angeles have followed.

Here five stations reported live from the Staples Center in Downtown LA and even the "news" was at the ARD for the live coverage of the Jackson funeral service in California was postponed.

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