Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A policewoman loses job because of her private photo at MySpace

Private photos on social networks can have far-reaching consequences in real life. They know now not only the British UN ambassador, whose wife private Badefotos published on Facebook. But had a 27-year-old policewoman from Iowa drastically learn. The U.S. citizen has lost their job after they are apparently due to inappropriate photos taken at their MySpace page was posted, in front of their superiors had responsibility.

The police chief of their department raises the Sozialnetzwerkerin that his entire department with these images to bring into disrepute. On a picture showing an exposed body part to another, it had to simulate sexual acts.

The 27-year-old should have answered the allegations that they entered the photos and sometimes even again have their profile removed, long before the police had occurred. Moreover, it was assumed that the images were not publicly available.

Clearly, the Internet has a mammoth memory. And who in Social Networks is underway, you must be aware that private information and content quickly fall into the wrong hands.

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