Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drink much in humid weather

alnect komputerIn humid weather, it is reasonable to stay in the house and plenty to drink. This can prevent circulatory problems. "The main principle is that you should avoid the heat."

It said the medical Meteorologist Christina Koppe from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Freiburg. The expert also advises, two to three liters a day to drink, the fluid loss through sweating offset. Dilute fruit juice or mineral water are well-suited - beverages containing caffeine or alcohol.

Makes sense, it is also the interior spaces to keep cool: "You should draw the curtains and only air when the weather is cooler - so at night or in the early morning hours," Koppe said. A trick for residents was the door to the basement open to the cold, and so from the ground to use.

Even when food is in humid weather rethinking necessary. "Dishes such as chili con carne, the weld are impulsive, you should not eat," Koppe recommended. Light meals are better for the body, "and it has not always warm." When sweating the body loses a lot of minerals. Pastry helfe saline, the salt shortage and offset to avoid cramps.

Why the sultry weather caused problems for many people, so Koppe said: "Currently, the perceived temperature deviates significantly from the air off." It lies at 34 to 35 degrees in Berlin, even partially, at 38 degrees - and thus much higher than the actual measurements. Normally there man heat by sweat and moisture on the skin evaporates. "If the humidity is too high, then this does not work," Koppe said. Therefore, try the body, the warm blood to chill in outer vessels to transport. "The volume is larger and the blood pressure decreases." The result is circulatory problems and a feeling of exhaustion.

Are threatened, according to the medical Meteorologist especially the elderly or ill people such as diabetics. Anyone who takes drugs should be based on adverse effects during the heat on the information leaflet or contact his doctor. Old people often have a reduced sense of thirst. "It is important to drink to force," said Kopp. Young people should be in these days more on their older relatives ensured. Parents of small children are more careful with the blanket in the stroller.

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