Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Course Hero - a Huge Online Study Group

There is a good news for students all over the world. Now you can freely access a website that can helps you to raise your academic performance. Sign up and become a member of this site is like joining a huge online study group where you can learn and share so many academic resources to each others.

Course Hero (coursehero.com) allows all members to publish and share their knowledge in any form such as outline, study guide, presentation, notes, formula sheet, essay or other material and all this materials is free to download by other member.

Although Course Hero is still focusing their services for undergraduate and graduate students, this open social learning network is very suitable for all students, educators and self-learners to enhance their teaching and learning methods using all critical and timely learning assistance through all materials provided by members of this site.

You can find a huge collection of textbook on this site, under many categories such as Accounting & Business, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Eletrical Engineering, Humanities, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Other Engineering, Physics. You can also browse popular educational documents compiled by their categories. For example, if you are learning about Physics and need to increase your academic performance in this field, you can download all Physics Lecture Note and Physics Textbook Solutions to enrich your Physics literatures.

Just visit this very useful site and find how you can improve your academic performance and at the same time become smarter, by learning together with all members.

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