Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farewell to Michael Jackson: "I love Daddy so much"

paris jacksonWith a moving ceremony, the farewell world of Michael Jackson taken. Stars like Stevie Wonder, Usher and Mariah Carey proved the superstar the last honor of Jackson's daughter Paris broke on stage in tears. However, the event is not everybody.

There are in these days not many people in America, the issue of what Peter King said last weekend: Mr. King, a Republican member of the State of New York, Michael Jackson called "an unsavory person, child abuse," said Peter King. "The guy was perverse, he had nothing good in itself, and now I see his name everywhere, in newspapers, on television. I do not know," said Mr. King, "why Michael Jackson so much attention."

Perhaps this is because the Americans like to forget in all, and always looking for something positive. You adopt on Tuesday by a man who by his fans, his family was posthumously canonized by Michael Jackson, "the biggest star of the world", as Queen Latifah at noon on the stage of the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles says, where now "Michael Jackson - The Memorial" takes place: a big celebration for the singer, who on 25 June with 50 years of heart failure died.

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