Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buying Computer Online

Buying computer and its peripherals now is easier with the presence of Alnect Komputer. Alnect is an online store that provides computer, notebook, netbook, and a variety of computer’s equipment which is based in Yogyakarta. They are intending to help computer users to get their needs and of course the price is quite competitive.

Many of the hardware for the personal computer, notebook and netbook are available in the Alnect Komputer. You can make purchases online or offline by visit directly to their store at jalan Janti Raya, Indonesia Yogyakarta Kruwing No.1, or you can make a contact by phone number (0274) 486844.

Before shopping, to ensure the specification of goods that you wish to purchase is in conformity with the needs, you can first contact their customer support either via live chat or via phone.

Alnect Komputer provides you an alternative to buy computer equipment more easily without having to bother leaving your house or office.

Please visit the website online store Alnect Komputer.

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