Wednesday, January 12, 2011

49-Year-Old Woman Huge Fan of Twilight: Tattoo All Over Her Back

TwilightShe went to a tattoo parlor with the £2,000 she’d saved up and endured 22 hours under the needle to get the ink that will show her appreciation for the Twilight universe, she tells the Daily Mail. She is Cathy Ward from the UK may be 49.

The tattoo spreads all over her back and features images seen in posters promoting various installments of the franchise. It includes all three main characters, Bella, Edward and Jacob, some of them more than once.

Mrs. Ward says she got the tattoo because her Twilight obsession has helped her lose weight, thus have a healthier and considerably better life. She no longer spends money on food, but on Twilight-related stuff – like this tattoo.

The piece, as noted above, has Edward three times, and Bella twice. Jake is only shown once. And Mrs. Ward doesn’t plan on stopping here with her Edward obsession – clearly, there can be no doubt left about whether she’s Team Edward or Team Jake.

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