Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Naked In a Blanked For Lolavie Ad

Jennifer Aniston is wearing nothing but a towel, her hair in such a mess and she gives her most seductress expression. Brad Pitt's ex-wife looks sexy in her pose for Lolavie.

Star of 'Friend' is willing to pose in hot and seductive pose to attract fans and encourage them to spend money. But not for any romantic comedy, she is posing to promote her own perfume, Lovalie.

Jennifer describers Lovalie is unlike other perfumes, the scent won't be overpowering, it is a 'non-perfume perfume'. Lovalie won't be strong.

The 41-year-old artist who is reportedly close to actor Gerard Butler share her story with a women daily that the first perfume she wore were Miss Dior and Anais Anais, while her mother wore Caleche. "Those are strong perfumes" she said.

When she was asked about what she thinks about her own perfume, "It smells great and most of all, it smells natural."

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