Friday, April 30, 2010

Jason Pfeiffer: Michael Jackson Secret Gay Affair?

The life of the king of pop Michael Jackson seems to keep many mysteries. Recently, Jason Pfeiffer who career is an assistant dermatologist has claimed that he had a special relationship with the singer of 'Billy Jean'.

As quoted by Showbiz Spy, Friday (30/04/2010), Jason first met Michael in the dermatologist, Arnold Klein office in 2008. He also explained that relationship with Michael is serious.

"We hugged. And I feel the embrace was more than just a hug. It did not take a month, to find out if Michael had the feeling to me," explained Jason.

Since then, Jason assumed that Michael is a bisexual. He also convinced the man who died on June 25, 2009 was his soul mate.

This is actually not the first time Michael called as gay or bisexual. Ian Halperin, author of an unofficial biography of Michael, claimed to have talked with two men who once had a relationship with Michael.

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