Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kirsten Stewart: Who is Your Date, Immortal or Mortal?

Gorgeous vampire love story where a pretty girl was involved through Twilight movie seems to happen in real life. Although both couple always denied the truth of this rumor, but it seems that just a matter of time they will become the most anticipated couple.

Directed Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke, confirmed this story. Both are quite close to Catherine after working on the vampire romance movie. Catherine also introduced Robert to Christian before film production began. "I do not have a camera in the hotel room, I cannot say, of when these things began to heat up, but in terms of what Christians say to me, it does not happen in the first movie, no one crossed the line when the first movie was made, "he said as quoted by

Although the director cannot prove the truth of the story but this couple has been seen quite often spending time together outside the movie set, it happened when both posed for the cover Harper's Bazaar magazine. In this magazine there was a picture of the vampire on his knee proposing Kirsten. This love thing seems to be far from ending especially both are still involving in the New Moon’s sequel, and they only reached the second sequel of a total of four novels by Stephanie Meyer; so they were both involved acting again. They are planned to be involved in this movie until the last movie which is the fourth movie.

The love story rumors between them had been developed over the past few months. There's even a rumor that says if Rob and Kristen had spent the night together in a hotel in San Diego. But now 19-year-old Christian insisted if he was still together with his old boyfriend, Michael Angarano. So which one Kristen will select, Robert, or Michael, immortal or mortal?

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