Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eva Longoria Coronation philanthropist of the Year

Eva LongoriaDesperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria was elected as the most generous person in this year poll. 34-year-old actress was named the philanthropist of the Year at the Hollywood Reporter.

In this poll, all actresses who do charity work are gathered. Longoria is selected because of her dedication in giving back to the community and also provides services and commitments to the problems faced by Latin people.

Publisher Eric Mika as quoted by Splash News, said, “I've never met a young woman who has such consciousness and social being and at the same time is so talented and energetic.” Eva has done such a beautiful work and touching many people lives and for that reason many loved her so much.

She spent his spare time and energy to raise millions of dollars for charity mission to make a difference for the Latin community and to other humanitarian organizations. "

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