Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just-touch Lock

Lock is always associated with security and safety, the invention of lock itself is based on these two main reasons when we track back to the history of lock. These days we find many type of lock in the market, from the conventional lock with a key to the simplest one which is the keyless lock and under this category few to mention here is the password lock, remote control and the fingerprint lock.

Keyless lock is actually invented to solve the problem to the conventional lock. Conventional lock, the key itself, is easy to be duplicated so it is no longer fitted under the safe and secure category, that’s why they invented keyless lock. Now, let’s talk about the new invention, the keyless lock. Security password lock, as it named after requires the user to key in the password. This has been a trend and until now many people still find this type of lock very useful.

But let’s be frank, for those who love simplicity and not to mention seniors, password lock is a bit too much. You have to memorize the password right? Then, there is remote control lock, but again the messy ones don’t like it, sometime they forget, another time they lost it. Then there is fingerprint lock or touch lock, it doesn’t require you to memorize anything, you will never lose it unless you cut yourself or somebody else does it purposely, just touch! No matter what is your choice just ensure the lock fit your lifestyle and most importantly, it brings safety to your home!

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