Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama websites attacked by Hacker from North Korea

The attacker was persistent and calculated attack on the National Day, the nerve center of the U.S. government. Subsequently, the U.S. sites important ministries in the past few days with a computer virus. The nature of the Internet attack is reminiscent of earlier hacker attacks from North Korea.

A computer virus has since 4 Jul central sites of the U.S. government temporarily paralyzed. In addition to the White House, Foreign, Finance, Transport and Trade Ministry and the New York Stock Exchange was also responsible for the protection of President Barack Obama Secret Service responsible for the attack targets. Three days after the beginning of the attack were not any disturbances on the 14 sites concerned official in the United States eliminated. The quality speaks for the attack a deliberate act of foreign secret services.

Washington's security services want to comment on the process not comment. Amy Kudwa, spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, but confirmed that they had given the ministry informed about the problems and they recommended steps to guard against such attacks to be prepared. "

Obviously, the computer through a "denial of service virus" (DDoS) infected. These are sites by masses of data and requests overloaded, which has already infected other computers continued and multiplied. According to the National Intelligence Service in South Korea "is not simply an individual hacker attacks, but he seems to care by a specific organization or at the state level are planned and executed". In Seoul the same virus had previously served chaos. Various ministries, including the Defense Ministry, and the websites of banks were infected. Among data losses, but it should not come to be. South Korean government agencies had recently against possible cyber attacks from North Korea warned. In May, South Korean media reported, the communist regime in Pyongyang had a cyber-war unit, the Chinese computer trying in American and South Korean military networks follicle. So far there is no confirmation that the latest attack in North Korea has started.

In the past, Washington accused China, hacker attacks on networks of U.S. government action. In some cases, it came to Data. In June 2007 the computers were temporarily paralyzed by the Pentagon - also allegedly after an attack from China.
The current cyber-attack against the U.S. government shifted the homepage of the Ministry of Transport for two days off completely, it was for an Internet user not reachable. The website of the Commerce Department was still at the beginning of this week to 70 percent blocked.

According to official figures reported in the American federal authorities last year, 16,000 incidents sicherheitsproblematische - three times as many as in 2007. According to Department of Homeland Security increased the number of successful cyber-attacks massively. 2008 led to reduced virus 5499 from government computers. The year before, the firewalls official U.S. sites 3928 times and 2006 times through 2172 only.

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aldy said...

Wow...American have not secret service now ? and they are only sleeping did not looking for their president security, well that is only attacking the site, some day may they attacking the mr. president. We see, what will be happend.