Friday, July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson – Best of the Best!

Michael who was born as Michael Joseph Jackson has left us all on June 25, 2009, but his great songs, his concern and loving kindness for human being particularly the outcast will stay forever in his fans heart. Millions of people have grown up listening to his songs, from Ben to Invincible. He is one legend, no one ever doubt about his voice, his song, and his dance! He is one breakthrough in musical industry; no one is entitled better than Michael for BoB Awards or Best of the Best in musical industry particularly in video clip! Many have disclosed and talk about his song, personal life, let’s explore a little bit about his video clip.

He was the one who make popular video clip; his songs’ video clip is far from boring, even when you watch the video clip now they still offer same enjoyable moment. You can always find something new in his clips from moral issue to new dance technique, and the technique used in his video clip was surpassed all the video clip techniques used in his time! The peak of his entire video clip technique was found in black and white; it was totally awesome, went beyond his time! While for song, the summit was happened when the whole world sang along with him in we are the world!

Michael is often dubbed as the "King of Pop", he belongs to pop cultures! This American recording artist has been regarded as one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived and he certainly entitled for this adoration. People adore him, he is one great performer who sing and dance perfectly at the same time, from moon walker to the anti gravity lean used in the music video for "Smooth Criminal” patented by Michael Jackson himself! During his life, he received so many awards and achievements; even a Blog Awards has been presented to him!

Michael during his life was also a controversy! The most highlighted issue was his insecurity with his own appearance, his health and family issue. No one is perfect, but this imperfect man has delivered so much perfection to others, this is one value we can always learn! He also left us with so many controversies, latest is about his final resting place. But at least, our man of controversy has finally found his peace. No one is perfect, and from his imperfection Michael has probably loudly shouted to us, please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards since I have passed many trials in this life! So long Michael!

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