Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mischa Barton: Endstation slap mill

Mischa BartonAccording to "Access Hollywood" was the former "OC California" actress Mischa Barton on Wednesday in the University Hospital of Los Angeles received. Quite voluntarily, it has the arrangement of the previously established to help police officers do not follow, because the word "forcibly" is currently in space.

But how was it so far? Until now known only as much: about 15 clock overtook the local police a call from Barton House and the police will help geeilten the U.S. starlet in a "medical problems" have helped. Subsequently, Mischa psychatrische in the department of the hospital market.

The delicate part is the Codebezichnung with which the police have categorized this case: 5150th With attentive observers of the Yellow Press is likely to ring a lot now, because Britney Spears was under this provision even twice when Uncle Doc delivered after her last year with a blown fuse or other is. From in or around paramedics Mischas house was also nothing to be seen again and that means that in her case an arrest was made.

Barton spokesman has now confirmed that the actress is currently under medical treatment and is therefore not to the New York premiere of her new film "Homecoming" will appear.

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