Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lindsay Lohan takes on the role of Madonna

Lindsay LohanRecently, Lindsay Lohan was once again in the headlines because they are the instructions to her since the end of June on the market by a Self chemist from Florida to have been stolen. The thought that was not funny and sued the U.S. actress ado.

After such a disaster would probably get Lohan through positive messages to draw attention to and what is actually better because, as a photo shoot for the publication in August issue of Spanish Vogue? Nothing, you should think. But even this seems Lindsay Lohan once again a fat belly landing towards growth.

For the shooting of 6 May pose a declining U.S. asterisk as Madonna in front of the lens of the photographer. Lindsay himself was the shooting of course, really great: "The shooting was great. The photographer organized a set which looked like shooting a movie - with a view of the Hollywood Hills. "

As it should, perhaps a bit too far out of the window have leaned ...

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