Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Acrobat Online Service Suite

Free Acrobat Online Service SuiteThe free Acrobat online service suite provides web based applications and tools to manage and share documents and files. There are web conferences (communication in real time) and storage solutions available, as well as a word processor and an online PDF converter.

The applications and tools contained in the suite are: Share, Create PDF, Adobe Buzzword, Adobe ConnectNow and My Files. They make the online collaboration with your team a lot easier, at the same time providing flexible access from any Internet connection.

Adobe Buzzword is a web browser based word processor capable of editing and exporting many types of documents like .txt (plain text), .pdf (Adobe PDF), .docx and .doc (Microsoft Word), HTML and more. Images (JPEG, PNG or GIF) can be inserted and easily positioned in documents. Authoring rights can be assigned to users for a certain document. The free online word processor also has many other features besides the ones mentioned in this article, so much so that due its overall capabilities it could compete with commercial desktop software.

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