Monday, May 5, 2008

You Tube Users complain the new feature

A few weeks ago, Google's video sharing service YouTube presented a beta version of the Inbox and the My Contacts sections, which were supposed to bring
improved functionality to all its users. Yesterday, the YouTube Team proudly announced that these features had grown up and are now stepping into the battle as final functions with even more abilities than the beta releases.

"Now mini-thumbnails appear on the list of messages for video responses and videos users have shared with you. Also, the link to view all comments has been restored in email notifications for comments made to your videos and responses to comments of your own," the YouTube Team explained.

However, consumers' reactions were not quite positive as many of the users who commented the new features criticized them, calling the old functions back. Here are some comments posted by the YouTube users on the official YouTube blog:

"PLEASE put the inbox back the way it was before. Now it's way too confusing and I absolutely HATE the way you took features away from it!" - sliimshaydi

"Please bring back knowing if a message has been read! Please this was such a cool feature and you took it!" - ilg4e

"I preferred the old inbox. It was simple. That is all I have to say about that." - ytcat

"Some people may like the new inbox, but I don't. A really useful feature could be the possibility to switch between the new and the old inbox." - carlus90

This is not the first time when Google meets negative feedback after an update to one of its services. Back in the past, Google rolled out a brand new interface for Google Image Search which, contrary to the company's expectations, made most users criticize it and request the old appearance back. Just after a day or so, Google took the decision to restore the old Image Search.

Yahoo has also encountered problems following such an update. However, in comparison with Google, Yahoo didn't restore the previous version of the service and tried to enhance the adoption of the new features. For those of you who don't know, Flickr Video was criticized by many users out there who considered that Flickr should remain a photo sharing service for the time being.

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