Friday, September 3, 2010

Demi Moore Posts Bikini Pictures on Twitter

When Demi Moore photographed herself in the mirror looking stunning in a skimpy bikini, the temptation to share was too much to resist. Then what she did next is to posts her sexy bikini pictures into her twitter account.

She posted her bathroom self-portraits for all to see - not the sort of behaviour one would expect for a woman of 47, but perhaps excusable when you take a look at the results. She appears in better shape than she did in her 30s, when she was famously caught displaying cellulite while jogging along a beach in Florida.

But online, where a mobile phone lets you become your own photographer, looking your best seems considerably easier.

Mother-of-three Miss Moore has been working hard on her health in recent months, undertaking a strict detox plan with 32-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher.

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