Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten-Year-Old Fashion Designer

10 year old fashion designerThis one child is definitely not an average 10-year-old child. Cecilia Cassini is just a fifth grader but recently founded her own fashion line and is making a profit from selling her unique handmade clothing for kids and teens at Los Angeles boutiques.

She's also been filling special orders that are coming in from around the world, according to her mother Michelle Cassini.

Cassini has been dubbed "America's youngest fashion designer," but that's only part of her story. She's a kid with a huge social conscience and a desire to give back. Many of her dresses, for example, are made from old repurposed clothing that she scores from the closets of her older sister, mom, and friends instead of buying new fabrics.

This not only saves her money on materials, but also is better for the planet. Her mother thinks that her dresses are popular in places like Germany, Italy, and France because they are made from recycled materials.

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