Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live Well on Less Income

live wellWe are all facing a hard economics condition, so here are some suggestions of how to live well without spending a fortune.

Reduce Your Meat Portion
You don't have to give up meat entirely to save money on your food bills. Simply cutting back on portion sizes or limiting the number of times a week or day you eat meat will benefit your wallet and your health.

Cut back on or cancel cable TV service
Watch TV shows for free on Hulu or rent movies on the cheap. While you're at it, consider getting rid of your home phone if you don't use it much. Use your cell phone or Skype for keeping in touch.

Avoid the airport
Skip an expensive plane ride and take a road trip instead. If you have to travel to a far-flung location, try to Sign up for a Twitter account so you can take advantage of exclusive deals.

Buy only what you can afford
When you do need something, consider buying used, shopping at thrift stores, going to swap parties, renting, or seeing if you can get it for free.

Alternative transportation
Save money on gas by walking, biking, and taking public transportation when you can.

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