Sunday, January 17, 2010

Transformation of Dakota Fanning, she is no longer a kid!

Dakota FanningOur cute adorable little actress, Dakota Fanning has proving that she was not a little kid anymore who played Sweet Home Alabama. In her latest film, Runaways, this actress did not hesitate to do a kiss scene with actress Kristen Stewart.

"Exciting," said Dakota Fanning as quoted from Splash News. In this movie, her role is as a personnel from a band whose members are all girls. In addition to have an intimate scene with Kristen Stewart, Dakota also had to pretend to use cocaine for the role she played.

"I really enjoy everything in this movie because it was based on a true story, not just a story about the invention of a girl going wild," said Dakota commenting on her role in this movie.

She realized that she will be always in the spotlight from now on, and for that Dakota said, "I've done wrong and I might be doing wrong again. I'm just an ordinary woman." Check her latest transation as a graceful young women, she recently appears as the cover of 'V" Magazine#63.

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