Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sexy Rachel Weisz in Sultry Stocking!

Rachel Weisz has always become such a marvelous magnet for men. Her beauty makes her so worthy to be a magazine cover, and this time is for men magazine, Esquire.

In its cover, the star of 'Envy' is not topless or wearing sexy lingerie. Instead she was wearing a black bodysuit but yet still sexy, all because she wore a sultry stocking in that pose.

Compared to other Esquire’s models, our British actress pose was indeed a bit too calm but the erotic side of her remains compelling.

One pose shows she was biting her finger while her hand holding unbuttons black shirt with her black bra exposed between her hands.

Another pose shows she was lying with face down, with a bodysuit and sultry stocking too! Hmm…sexy!

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