Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jobs that increase the risk of cancer in one of its recent articles describes that some work may increase the chance of cancer, it can be caused by chemicals used while performing the work, interrupting the rhythm of body clock or any other causes. Maybe your job is not included, but there's nothing wrong when it comes to extend knowledge, here's the careers that might put you in higher risk of cancer:

1. Flight attendants, nurses, and other women who are working the shift. A study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported that women working on shifts have a greater chance of breast cancer. Further studies were performed to examine how changes in the natural sleep patterns can affect melatonin production and promote tumor growth.

2. Hair stylists, colorists, and salon workers. Do you realize that every time you go to salon, there are some weird stinky smells that you had to breathe from hair care products? For instance the hairspray or hair dye. Those stinky smells came from chemicals and it was the chemicals that could ruin those workers’ health as they were exposed to those chemicals during the work. IARC says that the chemicals used are probably carcinogenic to humans, but the good news are wearing gloves will reduce the risk and many products are no longer using chemicals that might risk the salon workers’ health.

3. Body builder and athletes who use drugs to improve performance. It is sad and shocking to see the fact that some athletes use anabolic steroids, artificial hormones to build muscle mass. Although steroid proved to give a stronger performance on athletes, long-term use can cause liver cancer.

4. Painters and artists are exposed to chemicals and pigments. The researchers do not know yet what triggers mediator cancer growth. But they know for sure that the painters have higher possibility of lung cancer and bladder. Exposure to silica, asbestos, and other carcinogenic substances can also provide a higher risk for the artists.

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