Monday, November 30, 2009

Acer Ferrari One-200, a Classy and Prestigious "Netbook"

Acer Ferrari One-200In general, consumers of information communication technology products like something exclusive, luxurious but affordable, has a futuristic features, and can reflect your lifestyle. We will look at various gadgets like that.

That is also why, in the middle of the road we will look cool cars of various brands that pass or parking in one of the mall in Jakarta. Design a car design has always had his own appeal for anyone who saw it and make it as a standard of sophistication and luxury.

The development of information communication technology with the massive presence of netbook brands, models, features, and content of the rat race to bring the technology to offer a tempting variety of prices consumers. Many attempts were made to bring diversification to be attractive netbook is massive.

These efforts are intelligent and timely presented by Acer, Taiwan's technology companies from which much of the notebook computer market and in some parts of the netbook world. Acer intelligence shown by presenting a different netbook others, referred to as the Acer Ferrari One-200, following a series of classes Aspire one netbook is popular for so long.


Design the design followed the Formula 1 team Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari One-200, is a netbook-class and prestigious, using Neo Athlon X2 AMD L310-made at 1.2 GHz, 2 GB of memory, hard disk capacity of 320 GB, wireless connection 802.11 b / g / n, using Microsoft's operating system the latest Windows 7 Home Premium, and weighing 1.5 kg in packaging dimeni 285x30x204 mm.

Blood red cover and a black horse Ferrari logo on a yellow monitor 11.6 inches (29.46 cm diagonal) with LED technology to present a resolution WXGA 1366 x 768 pixels comfortable for netbook category.

Behind the Ferrari netbook that every corner of the section, the selection of materials, technology or content must be approved by the Scuderia Ferrari team, reflecting the design choices that affordable netbook futuristic prepared.

QWERTY keyboard keys are evenly from end to end, the edge of the wrist position while typing is designed to reflect the checker flag motif boxes of black and white that used to race Fomula 1, and reflects the ability of intelligent touchpad touch screen, mirroring the design of Ferrari One-netbook 200 is done perfectly with no defects to make exclusive and desirable of all people.

In fact, the designers of Ferrari One-200 was also given a different accent color for Ferrari red on-off button, the cavity of an external monitor, and an ethernet socket for LAN network connections. Ferrari One-200 is a netbook is almost perfect, beyond the performance of AMD processors and chipsets that require special tweaking to be as fast as the Ferrari racing car.

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