Thursday, September 10, 2009

PETA and Pam Anderson Release Another “Banned” Video

PETA commercial and Pamela Anderson are just a good match right, see their collaboration in the new PETA commercial "Cruelty Doesn't Fly." In this banned commercial (it was banned by CNN Airport Network) Pamela Anderson plays a sexy airport security guard, screening people for fur and leather products.

This commercial was supposed to show on CNN's Airport Network, but you know the rest of the story! Some people might think this is probably just a way to stimulate some publicity for PETA; after all, the organization has its spot particularly for "banned" videos.

PETA is known for its extreme videos and shocking commercials and this recently released new airport security-themed is just one of them. The New York Post reports that the CNN Airport Network has refused to run the ad as planned at three New York-area airports, the major concern is that children would see it. But PETA has already decided its next move which is to get the spot added to in-fight entertainment.

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