Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two-Way Voice ADT- monitored home security system

ADTSeveral years ago, I saw a movie about a father and her two little girls who were trapped or trapped their selves within a room to avoid some crimes; this room was purposely designed and built for security purpose and to be used at the time of emergency. When the movie shown its end title, what came in my mind at that time was why on earth people built such advance security system but there was no way to communicate with outsiders?

There are many advance technologies these days offered by many service providers when talking about home security, from personal guards to comprehensive security system, Two-Way Voice ADT- monitored home security system is one from many that worth to consider particularly for seniors! ADT is one most reliable and trusted provider of home security Rhode Island and Two-Way Voice is just one revolutionary system among their other products.

This system allows live interactive communication between you and an ADT monitoring dispatcher and the most important thing is you can communicate from almost anywhere in your home, a microphone in the control panel can receive a standard talking voice up to 75 feet away, so just talk and they will hear you, as simple as that!

No one expect emergency in any form, but when it happen, particularly with seniors, this system is really work to send the message to outsiders and in this case is the home security provider. Talking about emergency, timing is everything and the Two-Way Voice system is worth to consider. If you find this system is useful and need more details click HERE.

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