Sunday, July 19, 2009

Suspected child kidnappers caught in Mainz

[Alnect Komputer] It is the nightmare of all parents: A 27 years old man is in Nieder-Olm in Mainz night a seven-year-old abducted from her bed in a nearby vineyard have dragged and abused. Without the sleeping parents say something, then the Small early Thursday morning in her back room.

One day after the fact, the investigators arrested 27-year-olds, as police and prosecutors on Saturday in Mainz said. The investigators were on the man DNA traces on the track came at the sacrifice which they had found.

The man is under urgent grounds for suspicion, said the Chief Prosecutor Klaus Puderbach. He was so far only for injury and property crimes to the police record. In this context, a DNA sample was taken, and this had led to the hit, said the head of the 30-member Special Commission "vineyard", Hartmut Staudt. According to initial investigations, the 27-year-old only recently from northern Germany to Nieder-Olm pulled and lived there together with his companion, "not too far away from the crime scene."

"Whether he knew the girl or not we still need to clarify," said Staudt. According to initial findings, he had the child at night in the nursery brought on the ground floor, near the house abused and then brought back. "This was apparently caused no noise. The parents believed that the child is asleep. "Further details for Staudt not really wanted to say. The 27-year-old was on Friday afternoon by the investigators in an arcade in Nieder-Olm been arrested and had no resistance.

The man denied until the deed, said Puderbach. Meanwhile, he had confessed. For Saturday was an appointment scheduled at the prison judge. "We assume that he is in prison," said Staudt. The prosecution accuses the 27 - year-olds, inter alia, sexual abuse of children and severe deprivation of liberty before. Whether it is for other sexual offenses is responsible, must still be reviewed.

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