Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flexibility and Customer Satisfaction

One of the issue people often face when they remodeling their home is, it is not like shopping around the corner where you can find a high quality general contractor within one visit or making one phone call. As a high quality contractor is not only about skill, but also have integrity and honest, and at the same time flexible to home owner’s plan even in the middle of the remodeling. Here we are going to focus on flexibility.

Of course the kind of flexibility mentioned here is not something like a total change of remodeling plan from what have been agreed up front between home owner and contractor but some small changes or even quite big one because of finding during the process of remodeling. Even a so-called high quality general contractor sometime cannot be that flexible to openly discuss changes even for the sake of their customers.

This kind of rejection or inflexibility is one of the major disasters to the relation between customer and contractor and at the end is all about ruin customer satisfaction. The reason may vary from one to another contractor, but most of the time is fee related issue, beside of unwilling to take extra burden (because they do not charge any extra fee) or time management issue from the contractor side.

It is considerable to readjust the fee and in most cases customers usually will accept the fee adjustment for extra works, this is applicable only when major changes are occurred because customer change their mind and decide to change the remodeling plan, but when some extra work happened to occur because of the contractor fail to anticipate what they should do, fee adjustment for sure is not proper to apply. Whatever the condition, contractor must place customer satisfaction under their top priority.

If you are living in Kansas and happen to find a high quality general contractor in this moment to finish your remodeling, the best you can do is to contact your friends and relatives asking for their recommendation, searching over the internet can also be done considering we are living in internet era, and when you put your satisfaction above all while flexibility, personalized service is also what you ask for, Bradford Homes Co. is worth to visit, this is one of few Kansas City general contractor who put customer satisfaction above all.

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