Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cops Called to Paris Hilton’s House

Paris HiltonAlthough she’s often been criticized for having so many pets and clearly not caring enough to be able to see to them all, Paris Hilton draws the line when it comes to her number one Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. A prank call she received the other night ended in violent screams and fighting with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, which prompted angry neighbors to call the police, TMZ informs.

As police officers pulled in front of Doug’s home, where Paris reportedly moved at the beginning of the week, reports began to circulate that they had been summoned there by neighbors who believed the two were having a “nuclear argument.” LAPD sources later confirmed to TMZ that, indeed, there was a lot of yelling and screaming, but it was not because Paris was arguing with Doug – the star’s boyfriend was just trying to calm her down, as she had received a call telling her Tinkerbell had been hit by a car and was dead.

“Paris Hilton has a perfectly good explanation for the loud screams that drew cops to her house this morning – she thought her beloved Tinkerbell was dead. TMZ spoke with Paris who claims she got a disturbing phone call late last night from someone who told her Tink had been run over and killed on Mullholland Drive – but it turns out the call was just a tasteless prank. Still – Paris claims she was freaking out and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was just trying to calm her down.” TMZ writes.

Paris Hilton and Chihuahua Tinkerbell have been one of the most longstanding celebrity “couples” in many years, arguable also being the dynamic duo that sparkled the much controversial fashion trend of “pets as accessories.” Receiving a phone call to inform her of Tinkerbell’s death could have pushed Paris to such extremes of desperation that she simply did not realize just how loud she was, it is being argued, especially since she and the dog have been through a lot together – including a brief disappearance (believed to be a dognapping, actually), writing a book and creating a product line designed especially for “silent friends.”

For those in the know, Paris Hilton was again recently singled out for her lack of compassion towards the many pets she buys mostly out of a whim, and for sending a message to teen girls that it’s acceptable to buy pooches as accessories and then dump them along the way.

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