Monday, April 27, 2009

Lindsay Lohan’s Weight Reminds of Concentration Camp Victims

Lindsay Lohan’s weight is again a hot topic for discussion, as a recent shopping spree for reading glasses and a backless maxi dress revealed that the star had lost even more pounds, getting to a point where talk of a “skeletal frame” no longer seemed inappropriate. Now, health experts are saying that someone should be staging an intervention to save the actress’ life since she looks like she just came out of a concentration camp, as the Sun Sentinel sums it up.

Specialists say that Lohan’s protruding bones, including the sharp arms and visible ribcage, should be reason for concern for her family and friends since they’re the most obvious sign that something is not right with her. Moreover, they add, her frame now strangely resembles the victims in German concentration camps – of course, this is only judging by the pictures surfaced in the media since none of these specialists ever treated Lohan for anything, or met her for that matter.

“It’s really depressing to me that no one is willing to step in and do something about it.” Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of “The Hamptons Diet,” says for the publication. Furthermore, if images do not speak as loud as a thousand words as the saying goes, then there’s the option of estimating Lindsay’s weight based on them and her height. Here too, the troubled star falls short of many pounds, and the conclusion is the same, meaning, that she needs to gain weight – and fast.

“Several medical experts say Lohan looks to weigh between 85 and 95 pounds in these newest photos. A normal woman of that age, at 5-foot-5, should be closer to 130 - 115 if we’re talking ‘Hollywood actress’.” the publication writes. On the same note, if the estimations are accurate, Lohan’s BMI (Body Mass Index) must be several points below the malnourishment threshold, the same experts reveal.

Calls to the star’s representative have not yet been returned, as neither will they be in the following days, since publicists rarely address weight-loss rumors, if ever at all. Nevertheless, both Lindsay and her mother Dina have often insisted that there was nothing wrong with her body and especially that she did not have an eating disorder. When first confronted with such allegations, Dina urged her daughter – via the media – to “eat more McDonalds,” to which Lindsay’s reply was that she was eating a big Mac every single day.

Lindsay Lohan is presumably on a liquid diet consisting of nothing else than Red Bulls and cigarettes.

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