Saturday, January 24, 2009

Samsung HMX-R10 Capsule Full HD Camcorder

The peculiar Samsung HMX-R10 looks like a space capsule from the 50's that was dropped out of a flying saucer. We were beckoned by the camcorder's angled lens and pill-like structure. The Samsung HMX-R10 is exceedingly small and flaunts a brushed silver body that will fit in a large pocket with ease. The best part is that this little video pod captures high-definition video. If anything, the Samsung HMX-R10 is a great conversation starter. Release: Mid-2009.

Samsung R10 9 megapixel sensor with an image of 1920 × 1080p Full HD recording videos, a 5x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch swiveling touch screen. The R10 looks like big capsule and it’s really stylish if you want to bring for travelling.

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