Sunday, February 1, 2009

The $2.2 Million Most Luxurious Car Ever

$2.2 Million Most Luxurious Car EverIf you were always looking for the most luxurious car ever, this could just fit your bill. The Maybach 62S Landaulet is a terribly luxurious car that features rollback canvas roof and awesome consumption. It is available on eBay for $2.2 Million. The car comes with twin turbo V12 and all options you can ever imagine in your little head. The colour schemes include Baltic Black and Aspen White.

The car does not exactly look that luxurious but definitely is a great to car to buy if you have that kind of money. I wonder what other luxuries are on the ‘list’; and it is not explicitly mentioned and hence we would all be curious. One just has to make sure that auto-theft alarms are in place for everyone would want to walk away with a car like that.

If you have the money to by this car, you would definitely get yourself a chauffer too, for nothing is impossible when one has the money. Meanwhile, i shall gloss over the beautiful car that is almost choking with all the luxuries one can imagine. If you are ready, just go to eBay and make the order.

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