Friday, December 26, 2008

Enter the World of Boxer’s Manager!

mac gamesFor those of us who love boxing, feel the excitement when watching boxing matches and turn out to be gamers too, now you can pretend to be a favorite boxer’s manager by playing Universal Boxing Manager Game! One game has attracted many and voted as one of the best mac games. But this game not only available in mac, you can find the pc and linux version too. Let’s have a look into the game!

All the thrill one need to become a boxing manager is available here, from your own character, your boxers’ personality, the matches, your financial issue, and many other variables needed, they are all here within this game, the manager needs to maintain everything, one action triggers another action, action-reaction, complicated, yes! easy game, no! But it is certainly rewarding.

As a manager, you need to deal with (up to) 6 different boxers, 6 different stats and skills, in 17 weight categories. Use the tips available in the game to help you, you need to select your own personality, hire boxers! There are more than 1000 unique boxers you can search and select. You duties are not stop in training and improve their boxing skills; you are also responsible for their personal issue, health and many others.

When your boxers are in any matches you are the one who coach, change tactics and send your opponent to the canvas. You can tailor your game; you can easily change your age, nationality, various skills such as training, negotiation, managing and more. You will get a different challenge every time you tailor your manager characters. It’s all about mixing the strategy and blending all variables in a perfect blend in the right time.

You can not win all the time, but to win and survive, and even to increase your financial condition, all have its own challenge and thrill, ready to enter the world of boxer’s manager? You can find this game, together with great collection of others mac games, pc and linux base games in There are other adventure games you can play and buy within this site too, such as Supernova 2: Spacewar; Universal Boxing Manager, The Goalkeeper, TV Station Manager and many more.

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