Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only Takes 1 Minute to Wash All Your Cloth and No Soap

Washing machine technology is advanced and we are very grateful with the name washing machines, at least slightly reduced our task when there is no washing of clothes.

But the problem, but we just have to wait at least 30 minutes, and after that we can go and find some food. Perhaps, the concept of a washing machine designed by Hyun Jung Cho and Bo Ram truly become a reality.

Their future concept of washing machine is wash only takes 1 minute to make our clothes and clean’s in it again, we do not need to use detergent (soap) to make clothes clean.

This means we can safeguard the environment without the usual chemicals used in soap and water used to wash laundry can we use to flush the plant.

Process or system of work such as washing machines is the human intestine, where every clothing line will pass through different channels where each has the function of each of disinfecting such as the Ultra Violet rays and high water to remove dirt attached.

If this is happening, try to imagine just how much money we can scrimp to pay the “electric bill” when washing only takes only 1 minute, not yet cost-washing soap. But how about the fate of employees who work at the factory washing soap?

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