Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 10 Sex Fantasies for Women

Fantasy is a normal, healthy part of sex for men and women. In fact, many specialists claim that a rich fantasy life leads to better sex.

What's She Thinking?

1. Fantasizing About Your Current Partner
As with men, this is the number one sex fantasy for most women: things you've done, or would like to do, to your partner. It seems that the available flesh-and-blood is often more of a turn-on than the unattainable.

2. Sex with a Man Other Than Your Partner
For women, this is most often a past lover. Some women feel adulterous or guilty reliving a particularly hot session from the past: don't. It's normal.

If it's someone new you're fantasizing about, it's the old want-what-you-can't-have-syndrome. Being involved with a partner doesn't mean all other desirable men go away. So those adulterous feelings have to be dealt with in one way or another. The safest outlet of all is our imagination--and it's remarkably fertile.

3. Sex with Another Woman
We're more likely to have same-sex fantasies than he is, probably because it's seen as more acceptable. We're also far less likely to get hung up on homophobic fears that we're gay. The woman featured isn't usually someone we know but she always knows exactly what to do to turn us on because she's got what we've got.

4. Something You've Never Tried Before
These fantasies can include being tied up, threesomes, group sex, and watching others, among other things. While many women are outrageously experimental and imaginative in their fantasies, they often don't admit a desire for anything "kinky" to a partner for fear of being judged. Playing out the scenario in your head is the next best thing. For those who are open, fantasizing is also a form of rehearsal, upping the anticipation of experiencing it in reality.

5. Receiving Oral Sex
It's the quickest, most effective (sometimes the only) way we orgasm, so it's not surprising it features heavily in our fantasies. The guy of our dreams doesn't just like giving oral sex, he's so enthusiastic he'd actually like to climb inside and stay there for days. Often he's a sex slave: tall, drop-dead gorgeous, and musclebound.

6. Fantasies Involving Romantic Sex
This is the one most women readily admit to, probably because it's the most acceptable. Romantic fantasies are sex with emotional attachment and most read like a Harlequin plot: gorgeous man, incapable of loving one woman, meets us, is knocked over by our looks and headstrong personality, then ravishes us on a moonlit beach.

7. Sexual Ravaging
"Sexual ravaging" is a very common female fantasy. Passionate and forceful but rarely violent and painful, the "ravagings" in our head differ dramatically because we're always in control.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are fantasies where we force him to have sex with us, often in typically male-dominated situations like a courtroom or a business meeting. Being the aggressor or having physical power over him appeals because in real life it's usually the opposite.

8. Being Found Irresistible by a Man
If you're so gorgeous/sexy/long-legged/stunning he can't help himself, you're absolved of responsibility once more. This is a favorite with women who still need permission to let go, but it's also a pleasant daydream for most of us. After all, who wouldn't want to be so beautiful they have men drooling at their feet.

9. Working as a Prostitute or Stripper
This one's also popular with women who may be inhibited sexually in real life. In the fantasy, they indulge their true sexual selves under the guise of being paid for it. For men to pay to have sex with you is also reassurance that you're attractive: you have something men want so badly, that they'll hand over cash for it.

Stripping is a more common variation on this theme: you tease the men mercilessly, and they're popping their zippers they're so turned-on by your body.

10. Sex with a Stranger
In reality, this sort of sex usually works out rather badly. In our fantasies, it's tremendously rewarding. This is sex for the sake of sex and the reward is pure, unadulterated pleasure. You can be as wicked as you like because you'll never see him again.

Sex with a "faceless" man is a variation that's even more of a turn-on. He comes up behind you, you feel rather than see him, and you can experience the sensations of sex without the intimacy of eye contact.

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