Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prevent Identity Theft Protection with Lifelock

LifeLock ReviewsMany Americans people have become victims of financial crimes attributed to identity theft, and the numbers are growing until now. No one can escape the threat of this identity theft. Once fraudsters have your personal information, they can use it several times before someone catches him. If you are as the victim is unable to prove the purchases are the work of an identity thief, the injured party may be held liable to pay the damages.

You can fall into deep debt, lose your homes, and even be mistakenly imprisoned over serious instances of fraud. You need to worry about thieves that ruining your credit scores and invading the privacy, also about the consequences of identity theft. But now you can stop worrying about identity theft and reduce your risk of fraud. Just enroll with LifeLock, the nation’s leader company in identity theft prevention.

Why choose this company for protection? This is the best industry and the leader in identity theft protection service. They currently serves more than one million customers. The identities of only 105 customers have been compromised since LifeLock’s inception in 2005--that’s less than .01 percent of all their customers. Each of those customers was able to count on LifeLock’s $1 million total service guarantee to cover any losses or expenses. LifeLock also provides legal or accounting services when necessary to remediate damages.

LifeLock reviews said that this service will protects you and your family by placing fraud alerts with each of the three major credit bureaus and maintaining those alerts as long as you’re enrolled as their customer. Also, if you wish to review your credit reports then you can do that free of charge. You will also automatically be enrolled in WalletLock service, that designed to take the hassle out of canceling and replacing the items in your wallet if it is ever lost or stolen. They will guarantee pay up to $1 million to restore your good name.

LifeLock Promotion Code available for you if you decide to enroll for this service. You can use the promotional code RD12 to get the exclusive discount available for new customer. This promotion code offers such a deep discount that it will only be available for a limited time. By using the Code RD12 you earn LifeLock Discount to save money and get the best identity protection from the company.

They will give you 30 days FREE on charge and pay Only $9 a month with that code. The promotion code will automatically be added to your enrollment application. You can alos call a LifeLock representative at 1-877-LifeLock (toll free) and enroll over the phone. Don’t forget to mention the LifeLock promotion code RD12 to receive your LifeLock discount.

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