Friday, October 3, 2008

Jim Piccolo, Phenomenal and Great Entrepreneur

Do you know who is Jim Piccolo? He was known as famous speaker and visionary CEO around the world. Mr. Piccolo and his team believe that will be no future for any country without good education. They believe that foundational education must be developed and improved. That’s a reason why Jim Piccolo gives a lot of support and charities for children, focusing on intellectual and athletic development.

Jim Piccolo said that if you want to change the world in future, you must change from now, from children education side. It will be makes better world in one or two decades from now in many fields and countries. So, he was going to many countries to share his knowledge and motivational speeches to many people that want to be successful person in life. He had visit to many countries to educate thousands people in Maui & Hawaii (the Big Island), Acapulco, Cozumel and Cancun (Mexico), Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town and Phinda (South Africa), Sydney (Australia), Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, as well as scores of domestic venues, annually. In Asia region, he was speech to citizen at Bali (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul (South Korea).

You can note three significant words from Jim Piccolo. Nouveau Riche University that founded by him suggested three magical words to change life better, they are knowledge, freedom of life and power. You must have good knowledge, which means you will learn something to earn finance. After that, you use that knowledge to create wealth. It means you will get the freedom of financial and life. And the last, you can if you want to leverage your knowledge and wealth to many people or community, it called you have the power positively. He teach us how important our knowledge to create wealth and create magnificent power to change life and humanity better in future.

As philanthropist, he supports several organizations like The Solid Rock Foundation, Judi’s House, Celebrity Fight Night and Project Water Purifiers to Africa. He has good concern to youth and children, the next our generation.

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