Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eliminate Your Body Odor

Eliminate Your Body OdorAre you plagued by body odor that seems to pop up during the most inopportune times? Below are steps and tips on how to eliminate that body odor.

1. Be sure to shower or bathe every morning. Use proper body cleansing agents such as shower gel. Wash everything completely. If you live in a desert or other water-starved area, a sponge bath for just the "smelly" areas should suffice.

2. Apply antiperspirant/deodorant daily, after washing.

3. Change your clothes, including undergarments, daily.

4. Store your clothes in places where air can get to and that smell nice. Consider scented paper as lining in your drawers.

5. Wash your hands frequently.

6. If the body odor doesn't seem to go away, no matter how much you wash; consider pro-biotics, or changing your diet. Don't bother trying to mask the odor, find out what is causing it, and treat it.

7. Body odor may also include halitosis, which is often a sign of gingivitis. Floss daily, preferably twice a day, and obviously brush your teeth too. Professional cleaning at least 2x a year.

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