Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gurumin Available on the PlayStation Store

GuruminIf you are a fan of Japanese role playing games (JRPG) and you own a PlayStation Portable from Sony, you probably already know about Gurumin: A Monstrous
Adventure, Mastiff's title. The game, which brings conflict and fun altogether, has managed to enter the PlayStation history by becoming the first ever third-party PSP title available for online purchase and download through the PlayStation Store. If you can't believe this, just go and check it out: it's already up and waiting for you to come and get it.

The game, considered by the developers one of the top 50 PSP titles, stars a strong-willed girl named Parin and who is sent to live with her grandfather in a small town while her parents are off excavating an ancient ruin. Bored with the life in the small town and especially because there are no other children living nearby, Parin is shocked to see, one day, a young girl being tormented by a dog. After she bravely removes the danger and saves her peer, she is shocked to find out that the little girl was actually a monster and, to make things even more complicated, she could not be seen by adults.

However, these monsters are friendly, and this is what our heroin will find out soon, since she visits their village and starts making friends. However, when the bad monsters, the Phantoms, arrive and invade the village, things get a bit more complicated and, as you can imagine, Parin is the only person who can save the day by finding the Legendary Drill and fighting against the Phantoms off the lands.

With such a story, you can imagine why the game was considered one of the most fun PSP titles ever released! But, as you can imagine, that's not all: you'll get to play in over 30 stages, fight against 48 unique enemies and collect over 90 items in order to succeed. But you'll probably get to know more if you head to the PS Store and try the game.

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