Friday, July 18, 2008

Free iPhone Text Messaging

Apple iPhone It's always exciting to use various methods to send text messages or call someone on their cell for free. Whatever the implications, people will go for anything. This time around, iPhone owners are given the chance to send and receive free texts simply by adding an address next to the phone number.

Although this isn't the only way to send and receive text messages for free (on the iPhone), MacsimumNews asserts that five steps are all you need to follow to achieve this: "With current AT&T iPhone contracts, you get 200 free text messages a month. With the new 3G iPhones, this will change. You will need to pay $5.00 a month extra for these 200 messages," MacsimumNews writes, claiming it has a solution to "send an unlimited number of messages in US and Canada, for free." And here it is:

"How to send free text messages:

1. Create a new email message.
2. In the To: box, type (
3. Type a message and click send.
4. The message will be sent to the cell phone with the number in the To: box
5. All received text messages will be sent to you as an email."

This trick only works for US and Canadian numbers though.

Again, not that 5 bucks is too much for anyone who can afford an iPhone, but human psychology is what it is – if you know there's a way you can go around the system, you do it:

1 – for the sake of it
2 – thinking you'll be sending a million texts a day, improving your typing on that wretched virtual keyboard in the process
3 – because you're really smart tricking all the hot-shot companies out there involved with the device

The publication also points out to another method of sending free text messages with your iPhone. txtDrop is an app that allows users (again, US and Canada residents) to send text messages "with instant delivery." You just enter your email (for replies), your friend’s mobile number and your message and they'll send your text instantly, completely free of charge.

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