Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journey to Explore the Living Passages

Christian CruisesLearn more about the living passages, at the same time experience the unforgettable journey across the sea and visiting lands that witness to some of the most important history of mankind.

Vacationers with interest to explore the living passages are definitely going to enjoy this Christian Cruises sailing adventures coached by experienced Bible Explorer Bob and other Great Bible Teachers.

Bible Cruises are going to be held on a privately chartered luxury yacht that holds up to 170 vacationers. The Bible teachings will be done on board and on shore. You are going to visit amazing settings while learning the Bible.

To name few of the tour destination, there are the amphitheatre where the Apostle Paul spoke, the Bible ports like Ephesus, Patmos, Athens, and Pergamum, also to Ephesus where Paul delivered one of his most moving sermons.

In this July, Christian Cruises will bring you Footsteps of Paul. This Christian Cruise will be coached by Bible Explorer Bob Cornuke and other Great Bible Teachers. Your spectacular Mediterranean Christian cruise will be started on July 18 and ended on 26, 2008 on a luxury Star Clippers Cruise Line's own Star Clipper.

For believers who have more time, they can also join the optional extended tour to the island of Malta to celebrate Bob’s discovery of Paul’s anchors. For complete tall sail Christian Cruise Adventure Itinerary please visit

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