Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Zune headed to Canadian stores in mid-June

Zune[MSFT-Q] announced Tuesday its Zune digital music devices will finally go international when they arrive in Canadian stores June 13.

Microsoft disclosed plans to bring the Zune to Canada earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the release date was unknown until now. Canada will become only the second country for the Zune, which launched in the United States in November, 2006.

Although sales of the Zune pale in comparison to those of Apple Inc.'s [AAPL-Q] ubiquitous iPod devices, the small digital devices are an important piece of Microsoft's expanding entertainment and devices division, which also oversees production of the company's Xbox 360 video game system.

Three different capacity Zune players will be available to Canadians -- four-, eight- and 80-gigabyte -- and will range in price from $140 to $250. The four- and eight-gigabyte models come in red, black and pink, while the 80-gigabyte version will be available in only black and red.
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