Sunday, May 11, 2008

Panasonic SDR S10 your pocket dvd

Ideal for Active Video Shooting
We designed a camcorder that's tough enough to carry around every day and that can start shooting right away when a good opportunity presents itself. In Quick Start mode*, the SDR-S10 begins recording in just 1.7 seconds from the time the LCD screen is opened. With its compact size and cool styling, it's small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, and cool enough to take everywhere you go.

Take Your Memories with You — Anywhere
Shooting video is easier and more convenient with a SD/SDHC Memory Card. Its compact size — measuring a mere 0.94W x 1.26H x 0.08D inches and weighing only about 2 grams — makes it very portable. With an ability to stand up to rough environmental conditions, you can record just about anywhere. And uploading your precious memories onto your PC is quick and easy without the need to connect a cable or run a finalizing process when transferring the data.

Let It Snow…or Rain

A water-resistant design lets you use this camcorder even when it's rainy or snowy, or in places where you might get a little wet, like by a pool or outside a ski lodge — places you never dared take a camcorder before. The SDR-S10 is also designed so you can hold and operate it even when your hand is wet.

Shockproof Up to 4 Feet
This is our toughest camcorder yet, designed to resist damage even if dropped from a height of up to four feet. We fortified the outer body casing, making it thicker to improve rigidity and strength. Inside, we provided an intermediate resin chassis to cushion and protect the main circuit board and lens.

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