Tuesday, May 6, 2008

$1 Million Total Service Guarantee!

Sophisticated IT world that offers lots of convenience to us has offered the same great convenience to identity crimes that have put thousands of people in great misery! This crime has come to the edge where they no longer stolen identity directly from the victim, but they go to companies with vulnerable security system.

To protect your identity regardless to the advance technology use by the criminals, it is always a good start if you can perform some prevention steps such as avoiding phishing scams and always change your password from time to time! But for more advance prevention is one correct decision to let the expert in this field to do so! Lifelock is one great company that offers this kind of protection!

Lifelock is all over the news related to prevention of identity theft! This company has gained years of experiences, get a five star rating from TopConsumerReview.com, they protect individual identity just like you and me, and even your young one can be covered!
And your identity is valued up to $1,000,000 total service guarantee!

Lifelock also offers protection to your organization, Lifelock is ready to help to ensure that everyone covered in your organization remain focused on the business and they don’t have to be bothered fixing their identity issues. For more information visit lifelock.com!

Join lifelock now and get the first 30 days free plus $11 off for annual membership fee when you register using lifelock promotion code RD17!

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