Sunday, April 27, 2008

Value of life lock

value of life lock Lifelock is one of the most popular and growing identity theft protection companies. This company unlike others protection companies, not only report and alert you, Lifelock actually locks down your credit information, this action is done by placing fraud alerts on your accounts. The effect caused by this fraud alerts system is that any financial institution intend to create new accounts under your name must contact you.

Other services offers by this identity theft protection company include remove junk mail and pre-approved credit card offer lists, these are only few value of life lock. From lifelock reviews you are going to find this company is not a credit monitoring company, Lifelock is a real identity protection company, they place locks to prevent thieves who are trying to access your personal information in the first place, so with Lifelock you are asked permission to let someone view your personal information whenever you or some other parties or criminals submit applications under your name, for credit cards, loan or others.

Lifelock cares your personal identity and they prove it by offering up to $1,000,000 guarantee. More according to Lifelock’s website, by enrolling to this company service, you are going to have Walletlock, this service is very useful when your wallet is stolen, Lifelock will assist you to contact all companies associated with your documents, including canceling affected accounts and helping you with the paperwork to replace everything. Visit lifelock website to learn more and when you ready to enroll, this company offers exclusive discount using lifelock promo codes RD32 with 30 days free. Trust your identity protection with the leader in identity theft protection business, start with Lifelock.

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