Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Play online backgammon at Gammon Fortune

Gammon Fortune is a Backgammon site provides backgammon players the latest information about online backgammon tournaments and events, play for real money or just for fun. This cool site available in 6 languages, it also comes with backgammon software, download and start to play.

Gammon Fortune offer simple and clear web navigation, if you are looking for procedures, click under “getting started”, common rules is under “backgammon” as backgammon rules evolved over the years, lists the major backgammon regulations for your convenience. Check out also “tournaments”, how to be an affiliate under “affiliate”, “download” to download software, to know more about Gammon Fortune please click “about us” and to get more support, any question related to this site click under “support”.

You can win big prizes by betting only small money, play backgammon online and be the winner.

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