Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Panasonic launch DMC-FX500

Panasonic are pleased to announce a new flagship model for their Lumix slim and stylish FX series. The new 10.1Mp DMC-FX500 features a 25mm ultra-wide angle Leica DC lens with 5x optical zoom. Standing out from the crowd, the new FX500 features a touch-screen operation on a large, 3.0in LCD, bringing new enjoyment to the digital photography and enabling easy manual operation. A variety of advanced functions, including advanced Intelligent Auto mode, HD motion picture recording and HD component output, and slideshows complete with music, also enrich the camera’s appeal.

The newly developed Leica DC lens with 5x optical zoom boasts an 25mm ultra-wide angle of view that captures almost double the recording area at the same shooting distance compared with a conventional 35mm lens. This advanced lens system includes four aspherical lenses with six aspherical surfaces, and a newly developed, unevenly thick concave meniscus Extra High Refractive Index Aspherical (EA) lens. Fitting an unprecedented level of wide-angle performance into a slim camera assuring minimal distortion even at its 25mm wide end, resulting in high picture quality.

For more intuitive operation, the DMC-FX500 has a hybrid control system that combines joystick control with touch-screen operation. Basic settings can be directly controlled by the joystick, and other extensive ones are finely adjusted by touch or by moving a slider on the screen with the finger or an included stylus-pen. Users can set the auto focus and exposure at the desired part of the frame by simply touching the subject at that part while recording. In manual exposure mode, aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted by moving the slider. In playback mode, a new Easy Organisation menu is provided to simplify image sorting. The user can quickly select an image to view by scrolling the thumbnails located below the main window, and then edit the image using the same touch menu interface.

Auto focus (AF) tracking is also new with the DMC-FX500. It continues tracking the subject even if it moves after the AF is set, which is especially helpful for catching active children or pets.

The iA (Intelligent Auto) mode is a helpful shooting assist function that lets the user leave all the settings to the camera. Taking maximum advantage of this iA mode, users can go a step further to set auto focus and exposure on the desired subject by simply touching it on the screen. This kind of quick, easy rational operation is enabled by the new touch-screen interface.

The advanced DMC-FX500 combines a futuristic control system with a host of specifications and even manual control to please a wide range of users. Dressed in aluminum panels having a hairline curve on the front, the new model is available in silver and black.

Main Features:

  • 3.0in Touch-Screen LCD offers easy, intuitive operation
  • 25mm wide-angle Leica lens with 5x optical zoom
  • Intelligent auto mode helps get great shots in every situation

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