Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LoudSiren by Debix

Under Debix Identity Protection Network, a network widely known for its services in identity protection, LoudSiren in partnership with Debix.com proudly brought you the next generation of consumer protection. The LoudSiren (Debix) Identity Protection Network™ was established in 2004 to protect consumers and lenders as well from identity theft. The Network processes thousands of credit requests from lenders each month.

There are many providers offer the same services which are to protect your personal identity, what make LoudSiren (Debix) difference from the other providers? The network creates by LoudSiren actually will provide you with some serial number, these serial number will act as your phone numbers, and every time your lenders or credit providers seek approval, they will contacted these serial numbers, and by LoadSiren network, will be automatically assigned and call your personal phone (up to 3 phone numbers).

In this case you and LoudSiren never reveal your contact number to outsiders. LoudSiren also come with credit approval report, here you can monitor your credit approval closely and will notify soon if your lenders violate your right by pre approving the credit you never submitted. LoudSiren customers also receive identity theft insurance through AIG and a $1 million guarantee of service.

How much does it cost you? You can protect yourself and avoiding yourself from losing huge amount of money by paying only $99/year, if you enroll now, you will receive $10 off regular price and 30 days free, you have nothing to lose! Try LoudSiren today, cancel anytime.

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